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Here at CentiMom, we drink tea daily, so we took the time to address the most common problems faced by distinguished loose tea drinkers:

  • SAY NO to the chain falling into the cup. The extended length chain comes with an easy to connect open mouth hook and weighted medallion to hold it in place. Do not continue to fight with short chains. You can easily set the infuser to your desired optimal height. ("the hanging weighted charm doesn't let the chain fall into the abyss of your cup")
  • SAY NO to floating leaves. The infuser is covered with fine holes on all sides for maximum water flow while only allowing very fine or powdered teas to escape. ("It is fantastic. We use it every day and have no tea leaves escape from the infuser! We love it.")
  • SAY NO to drips after steeping your tea. This set comes with matching stainless steel drip trays. ("love the thoughtfulness of the design to keep messes to a minimum")
  • SAY NO to tipping over infusers or infusers you have to hold to fill. The infuser's base is flat and stays in place while you fill it through its large opening.
  • SAY NO to fighting with large spoons to fill the infuser. It comes with its own loose tea scoop to measure 1 teaspoon of tea.
  • SAY NO to fighting to open or close the infuser. It comes with an easy to twist on and off removable lid.
  • SAY NO to flimsy infusers. Its made of stainless steel for long durable repeated use.
  • SAY NO to fighting to clean out used tea from hard to reach places. The wide open base allows for you to remove tea leaves easily after use. ("I've had other tea infusers before but this one is so much better: easier to clean, easier to use... and it made a great cup of tea!")
  • SAY NO to fears of certain materials breaking down in hot water leaving unwanted chemicals in an otherwise healthy cup of tea. All components are made of 100% stainless steel keeping it safe and eliminating the possibility of residual flavors held by the other materials used for infusers.
  • SAY NO to struggling with the wrong size infuser. This set comes with three different size infusers to meet every need - tea cup, mug, pitcher, tea pot, cooking with spices. Have a single cup or a tea party. Take one to work and leave two at home if needed. ("I love the multiple sizes--perfect for a single cup or even a stovetop pot!")
  • SAY NO to unbecoming infusers. This set comes with premium stainless steel infusers, drip trays, and tea spoon to match your stainless steel kitchen. ("The stainless steel is gorgeous and they are all so easy to use. I have to say that I was absolutely shocked at the quality of these tea strainers")
  • BUY a great tea gift ("I received this set as a birthday gift from my uncle and i LOVE it.")("I originally planned to give it as a gift, however, I love it so much that I plan to keep it.").
  • Designed in the USA, manufactured in China.


The CentiMom No Chain Fishing, Tea-Sized-Right Infuser Set includes everything you need for that perfect cup of tea. It has:

  • three infusers (small, medium, large) with extended length weighted chains,
  • three drip trays,
  • and a loose tea serving spoon (measures 1 teaspoon of tea).

Why use CentiMom No Chain Fishing, Tea-Sized-Right Kit?

  • We want your next cup of tea to be the most relaxing experience drinking tea. If our tea infuser kit does not meet your expectations in any way, contact us for resolution. We want you to enjoy your break from the world.
  • Three infuser sizes: for your perfect tea cup, mug, pitcher or for use with cooking.
  • Three drip trays: to avoid tea dripping on your table after you pull your infuser out of the glass.
  • Extended length weighted chains: to minimize chain fishing in a hot cup of tea. The hook easily connects to the chain at your desired height and holds in place with our weight medallion.
  • One loose tea serving spoon: for easy filling of your infuser.
  • Easy open/close wide mouth lid: no struggling to clean or fill.
  • Stainless steel: for extended reliable use without oxidation or left over flavors.