CentiMom Gourmet Hummingbird Food

  • CLEAR NATURAL NECTAR, WILL NOT HARM HUMMINGBIRDS: no FD&C#40 Red dye; no artificial sweeteners; no preservatives; no pesticides; no refined beet sugar; no MSG; no common allergens (peanuts, wheat, dairy, chocolate, eggs, gluten). Total of 6 pounds: two 3 pound bags.
  • ELIMINATE WORK (just add water) AND FEEL GREAT KNOWING YOU'RE FEEDING YOUR HUMMERS QUALITY NECTAR TO HELP THEM THRIVE. No boiling. Quick, mix-as-you-go nectar which dissolves rapidly and completely to feed your little fliers in minutes. Make nectar in three easy steps: measure food, water, and mix.
  • CentiMom Gourmet Hummingbird Food STAYS FRESH IN RESEALABLE BAG. Keep CentiMom Gourmet Hummingbird Food dry for unlimited shelf life. Save food for next season and be ready when they return.
  • If you currently have hummingbirds visiting your property, try CentiMom Gourmet Hummingbird Food. We are confident your hummingbirds will flock to the feeder with our nectar. If they don't, return the kit for a full refund. All we ask is that you try our nectar for one week so that your hummingbirds have the opportunity to enjoy it. In no time, your regular guests will be joined by your neighbor's hummingbirds!
  • We know your hummingbirds will make your home their favorite food stop! Order for yourself, a special friend, or family member - makes a great gift!

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