CentiMom Gourmet Hummingbird Food 3-Pound Kit

  • Great hummingbird nectar starter gift kit includes: 3 POUNDS of gourmet hummingbird food in a resealable bag, bottle for mixing and storing unused mixed portion for refrigeration, measuring cup for easy preparation, two feeder brushes and port cleaners to keep your feeder clean. Store everything in the included Burlap Sack. No hunting for supplies! Register your purchase for a FREE Kindle ebook, "I Have Hummingbirds In My Yard!"
  • Large three pounds of hummingbird food NOT 3 ounces. CLEAR NATURAL NECTAR, will not harm hummingbirds: no FD&C#40 Red dye - does not stain; no artificial sweeteners; no preservatives; no pesticides; no refined beet sugar; no MSG; no common allergens (peanuts, wheat, dairy, chocolate, eggs, gluten). Regular testing is done to ensure compliance. Your hummingbirds will LOVE IT!
  • Includes 3 types of feeder cleaning brushes, to ensure your feeder is clean. A thin brush, a thick brush, and port cleaners. Remember, hummingbirds will not return to a dirty feeder and above all, lets keep them healthy eating from a clean feeder with clear nectar.
  • Eliminate work, no water boiling! Just add food and water to included bottle and shake - READY! Feel great knowing you're feeding your hummers quality nectar to help them thrive. Three pounds of quick, mix-as-you-go nectar which dissolves rapidly and completely to feed your little fliers in minutes. CentiMom Gourmet Hummingbird Food STAYS FRESH IN RESEALABLE BAG. Keep CentiMom Gourmet Hummingbird Food dry for unlimited shelf life. Use what you need and save food for next season. Be ready when they return.
  • Best hummingbird food starter kit. Great gift. Includes everything but the feeder (purchase separately). We know your hummingbirds will make your home their favorite food stop! Order for yourself, a special friend, and family member, makes a great gift! You will be remembered repeatedly as your recipient uses 3 pounds of food and the reusable supplies. Relax knowing your feeding your hummingbirds preservative and filler free CentiMom Gourmet Hummingbird Food. Your hummers will happy too! They will return over and over again.
  • Made in USA.

Customer comments:

  • 5-Stars:"Wow this was such a pleasant surprise! I am so impressed by the quality and ease of setup this kit provides. This truly attracts and maintains hummingbirds coming and thriving before your very eyes. I am thrilled that they are buzzing about right outside. I love that there are no artificial dyes and preservatives. What a pleasure to watch and a joy to setup!"
  • 5-Stars:"Great and thoughtful kit - love the burlap bag too for storage. Within a day i have humming birds competing with each other for space on the feeder."
  • 5-Stars:"I’m a total nature lover and I love feeding all kinds of animals. Hummingbirds happen to be one of my all time favorite animals to feed since they come around the most often. When I found out that the food I was giving them wasn't exactly healthy, I was totally shocked. I wouldn't want to harm my favorite birds in any way. It’s scary that they even allow such poor quality food to be sold. It’s a shame that I even wasted my money on potentially harming the birds. I initially ordered this kit because it’s totally natural and safe. I was very impressed with this whole set when it arrived. It comes with so many useful accessories that will come in handy. What I thought was really clever was the cute brown baggy to put all the accessories into. It also comes with a guide that tells you what everything in the kit is for, which was also helpful since I didn't know what a couple things were for. It’s definitely a lot of product for the price and it’s so impressive. The nectar is also very easy to make, which of course is the most important aspect! It comes with a container to shake the food mix and water in. I left the remaining mix in that container to store in my refrigerator until it’s time to change their food. I love this kit and so do the hummingbirds. I could tell that so much thought was put into making it. Everything is so high quality"
  • 5-Stars:"This set pleases the human and the humming birds more than the red dye junky juice I used to serve them because I didn't know any better. The hummers are addicted in a good way to this mixture."

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