Now that Spring is upon us we've been in the mood for something cold. Since we eat almond based yogurt daily we decided to try making a shake with the yogurt as the flavoring and oat milk as the base. It worked! It's delicious!

Only three simple ingredients needed, (1) organic oat milk, (2) your favorite flavor of almond based yogurt, (3) ice!

We also add flaxseed - one tablespoon for adults and one teaspoon for children over 10. We make each shake separately in the Vitamix to be sure everyone gets the correct amount of flaxseeds. Talk to a doctor prior to using flaxseed to see if it will conflict with medications or create any other issues.

In one drink we get the benefits of oats, probiotics, and flaxseeds!

Additional tips:

  • We buy organic whole flaxseeds and let the Vitamix break it down (if you don't have a strong blender, use a coffee grinder to break them down prior to adding them to the shake)
  • We use Silk Almond based yogurt
  • We use Pacific Oat Milk


Pacific Oat MilkSilk Almond Yogurt


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