About Us

I am the first in my family to be born in the USA. My parents stressed education and hard work to get ahead and instilled the belief that the sky was the limit for anyone willing to put in the work. I’ve held various jobs since I was 13, I’ve never been one to shy away from work. I started small businesses in my teens while working part-time and going to school. I took on just about any job from stuffing envelopes to slicing deli meat to loading printers to babysitting. While attending college I worked three jobs to cover expenses. When I got my dream career job in a marketing firm after graduating from college I went to school at night for a Master’s degree. Why am I sharing all of this?  To give you some perspective when I say being a mother has been my most challenging role to date.

The juggling act that ensues after your first child is born cannot really be understood or compared to anything else. A little person is dependent on you in every way.  You can’t put him or her away when you are tired and there is no on/off switch. Believe me, I’ve looked for one! Being tired or having a headache does not get you out of making dinner or caring for them when they have a fever. A single woman once said to me, “supposedly, mothers do everything.”  HA!  If only she knew!  Being a mother means being a pediatrician, chef, motivational coach, taxi driver, planner, cleaning person, handyman, shopper, veterinarian, career woman, teacher, cheerleader, and on call 24/7 (even when you are already exhausted).  The love, delight, joy, frustrations, fears, and anxiety reach epic levels.  Would I change it during my worst moments?  No, I pray things will improve and I keep moving forward.

Being a mother of three young children and approaching 50, I’m feeling the impacts of poor eating habits and spending too much time in front of the computer. I’ve also started to see friends and family with health issues which I know will come my way.  It is time for radical change for me and my children. Growing up our main focus in any meal was meat being that there was little of it in Cuba. For my parents, being in the US meant it was possible to have meat available every day, not just eating whatever was currently growing on the farm. My siblings and I saw little vegetables on our plates but plenty of meat and rice every day. White rice is the Cuban staple. It is time to get back to my family’s food roots focused on grown foods rather than processed foods. Join me on my journey.

CentiMom's Someone Cares Mission

CentiMom's Mission - Someone Cares

My family went without in Cuba. Have you ever looked at a person or animal and immediately felt their pain to some level? Did it drive you to helpful action? I find this happening to me more and more each day.

My goal with this site is not only to support my family, but to help support people and animals in need. It doesn't take a lot to help someone feel special for one day by letting them know someone cares. For me it means recognizing people of all means of life. Here are just a few examples - paying for someone's groceries when you see them counting pennies, speaking to and giving money to someone collecting cans, having a conversation and giving a hot meal to a homeless person, buying a lonely elderly woman a couple of pastries, feeding a homeless animal, treating someone to a cup of coffee. It doesn't always mean giving someone money. It could be giving someone a smile, a kind word, helping them with their bags, or just letting them get in front of you in line. There is too much negativity in the world.

It's about recognizing everyone is going through a struggle and giving them a smile or a kind word to help them push through their challenge. If you've been around long enough, you know that life has it's challenges and we all need help. Making someone feel special gives me more than I will ever give them.