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Someone Cares

Someone Cares:

Have you ever looked at a person or animal and immediately felt their pain to some level? Did it drive you to helpful action? I find this happening to me more and more each day.



My goal with this site is not only to support my family but to help support people and animals in need. It doesn't take a lot to help someone feel special for one day by letting them know someone cares. For me, it means recognizing people at all income levels. Here are just a few examples - paying for someone's groceries, feeding a homeless animal, speaking to and giving money to someone collecting cans, speaking with and giving a hot meal to a homeless person, buying a lonely older woman some pastries, treating someone to a cup of coffee, or dropping off supplies at the animal shelter. It doesn't always mean giving someone money. It could be smiling at someone, a kind word, helping them with their bags, letting them get in front of you in line, or listening. There is too much negativity in the world.

It's about recognizing a person's struggle and being present. If you've been around long enough, you know that life has its challenges, and we all need help. Connecting and making someone feel special is somewhat selfish. I get back much more than what I give.