BPA (bisphenol-A) has been used to make plastics since the 1960's and has been associated with inflammation, cancer, obesity, impaired learning, altered brain and nervous system development, insulin resistance, and birth defects. It can be found in multiple places. Most of us have heard about BPA in plastic bottles and especially in baby bottles, but there are other places that its found that you may not have heard about yet.

BPA Cans

Canned foods: Most cans (approximately 75% in the U.S.) for food contain an epoxy coating containing BPA including canned infant formula, soups, sauces, beer and soda. If you want to drink soda, get glass bottles. Do not assume that because the food is organic, that the can is BPA free. If you use canned foods, look for BPA Free on the label. There aren't any standards on labeling so each brand shows it differently. Some brands that use BPA-free cans for all their canned products according to EWG (Environmental Working Group) are: American Tuna, Amy's, Earthe's Best Organic, Farmer's Market, Gluten Free Cafe, Juanita's, King Oscar, Native Forest, Pillar Rock, Raincoast Trading, Seneca, Tyson, Walnut Acres, Westbrae Natural.

Receipts: If you don't really need the receipt associated with the purchase you made, don't take it. Many receipts contain BPA which is absorbed through the skin. The receipts have a feeling of powder on them. Typically these receipts are used for gas station receipts, credit card receipts, and small adding machines. BPA is absorbed through the fingers and shows up in urine tests. People that handle receipts all day as part of their jobs should ask their employers about BPA free paper. While touching these receipts may transfer BPA minimally, using certain soaps, hand sanitizers, lotions, or hand creams will increase skin absorption up to 100 times more. The cashiers handling receipts all day are better off wearing gloves than using hand sanitizer to remove customer germs from their hands. They are causing themselves more harm than good opening up their skin to higher levels of BPA absorbtion.

BPA Receipts

Lottery Tickets: You might win some money, but it isn't good for your skin.

Plastic trays for frozen microwavable foods: Take the food out of the tray. The plastic can break down and BPA can leach into the food at high temperatures.

Plastic bottles: Keep plastic bottles out of the dish washer because they may break down under high heat.

Plastic Containers: Think about the last time you picked up soup from a deli or a restaurant. Did it come in a plastic container? The high heat from the hot broth probably resulted in the plastic leaching chemicals into the soup.

Recycled Pizza Boxes: May be tainted from receipts and recycled newspaper. Newspaper ink also contains BPA.

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