These bands are an absolute MUST HAVE for children with motion sickness!

My second son would always vomit in the car during any trip beyond 10 minutes. He wasn’t a happy camper during the first 10 minutes either!

I always got car sick as a child so I felt his pain. To make things worse, his asthma wouldn’t tolerate opening the window for him to feel fresh air hitting his face. This was one of the tricks I used as a child to keep from turning green. I also had the opportunity to sit in the front passenger seat which is no longer an option for young children.


The first time I put the wrist bands on him, I explained he should leave them in exactly the spot I put them. I told him they were magic bands that would help him feel better in the car. I didn’t know what would happen on the first trip, but I had no other options. Miraculously, they worked! I could dream of a day when my car wouldn’t smell like vomit. I understand it is gross, but it is the reality of having a child that gets car sick. Holding a bag just doesn’t cut it with a two year old and you can’t drive and hold the bag for him.

The bands are basically an elastic material with a small plastic piece that pushes into a pressure point in the wrist. The expandable elastic allows for a child with a thinner and thicker wrist. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully to get the plastic piece in exactly the spot or they will not work. After a few times, putting them in place will come naturally. You should try and get them on 15 minutes prior to your trip so they have time to start working.

I like proving products work, so a few times I didn’t put them on before a trip and didn’t point it out him. Thinking back it was a little cruel, but I just had to see if he would still get sick without them. Um, yeah, vomit fest!

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