Most of us treat our pets as if they are human members of our families, but they are not meant to eat all of our food. Some foods that are perfectly edible for us can cause issues in dogs ranging from mild stomach upset to death. It oh so hard to say, “no” when they shoot you a desperate look for a piece of whatever it is you are eating. Trust me, it is better to say no than to deal with your buddy feeling sick and that anxious feeling one gets hoping they will soon recover.

dog begging

Many foods that you would think are harmless because they are natural can actually kill you beloved pet. Things like mushrooms, onions, garlic and salt. You should also avoid giving them sweets, chocolate, coffee (or anything with caffeine), alcohol, grapes, raisins, avocado, cheese, macadamia nuts, and raw eggs. No processed foods are good for us or them. They contain high levels of salt, preservatives, and additives that are harmful.

sick dog

It is not just food that can be poisonous, plants can be too! Keep certain plants out of your yard to avoid issues. Plants such as Aloe, Amaryllis, Bird of Paradise, Branching Ivy, Calla Lily, Gold Dust Dracaena, Jerusalem Cherry, Lace Fern, Madagascar Dragon Tree, Morning Glory, Orange Day Lily, Rhododendron, Taro Vine, and Wood Lily just to name a few. When redoing your landscape, research on plants is critical if you plan on having adding a puppy to the family. We all know how much puppies love to dig and chew. His getting into the wrong plant can cause a trip to the pet emergency room!

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