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Being as crazy as mothers can be, I do not have the time or the desire to clean, wash, and cut fruits and greens each and every time I'm about to prepare a green drink. If I tried that method, I would never have green drinks. Taking the time to prepare some of the staples used for the drinks every week helps to keep things easy and doable. The picture shown is of my freezer drawer.

After my trip to various stores for organic items, I wash, cut/break items and place items in sandwich bags for freezing. This ensures the items are available on hand and fresh, as well as saves valuable time each time I prepare a drink. Having a green drink then becomes just pulling some items out of the freezer, adding filtered water to the Vitamix or NutriBullet and within a minute I'm done.

My family tends to eat 2-3 bananas in one sitting so I always cut some up (for easy frozen blending) and put them in sandwich bags for later use. If I leave them all out, there won't be any available for juicing. I also cut organic celery into 3" - 4" pieces for freezing. When preparing kale I just stick as many washed and dried leaves as I can into a sandwich bag. I do the same with other fresh fruit and vegetables. Slicing it up into small pieces and placing the bag flat on its side makes it easier to extract smaller pieces if I don't plan to use the entire bag.

Getting all the preparation work done in advance makes juicing a simple process that you won't avoid.