The biggest part of making the switch to health is resetting your portion sizes. For most people, it means swapping your meat and vegetable portions. A lot less meat and a lot more vegetables. Lettuce and tomato on a sandwich isn't going to cut it. You need to take in a lot more vegetables, especially if you are making up for lost time like I am doing. If you are so bold, eventually move to just vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, nuts and seeds.

The vegetables pictured are what I put into a juicer and drink in one sitting. Since I'm not taking in the fiber, it is easy to drink and works out to 2-3 large glasses of vegetable juice. I do not use any apples or other sweeteners because I've developed a taste for green juice at this point. I prefer to eat apples as a snack with almond butter when I feel like grabbing something I shouldn't eat.


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