I never thought meditation would be a solution for me, but as they say, “never say never.” It has been a difficult few years dealing with cancer in the family and the death of my best friend. Your mind tends to play tricks on you, focusing on the wrong things.

I started to explore meditation after a book from a friend mentioned it. Everything I read, showed there was no down side to doing it and only highlighted I should have started sooner. Meditation increases focus, mental capacity, and brain efficiency. It improves the immune system, allows for better sleep, enjoying the moment, helps you live longer and increases energy levels inside the body.

There are many schools of thought on how one should meditate, but I took the simplest and most straight forward path. I set a 20 minutes countdown timer on my phone, and sit in a comfortable position in a chair (don’t lie down as you will fall asleep) with loose clothing. I completely relax and close my eyes. When I first close my eyes I can see small images of lights against the black backdrop. The small light begins to take on different forms, but I maintain a blank mind. I see the images, but do not product thoughts about them. If a thought comes to mind, I just let it pass, I don’t engage in the thought. So if I think, “I have to do the laundry.” I don’t continue the thought by thinking, “the clothes in John’s room is over flowing.” I just let the thought go as if I’m watching someone else think about it. I continue to do this for 20 minutes and I feel refreshed afterwards. There is something calming about shutting off your brain for a period of time.

My son tends to get anxious so I have him do it with me. He also finds it soothing. I think it is something every family should try in this hectic world we live in where no one stops to just enjoy the scenery.

Would you like to learn how to meditate? Try this. . .


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